Hi! I'm Rhonda.

With my well honed 20+ years of esthetics skills and some unique creative tools we can collaborate on more than just “a wax.”

I opened Moss Beauty Studio in Durham, NC in 2010. Long dedicated to providing shame-free accurate information, I became a Somatic Sexologist (Certified Somatic Sex Educator & Sexological Bodyworker.) My passion is specializing in intimate waxing services with great attention to detail. 

I want to offer you top-notch skincare and a great pube-style, all while having wholehearted vulnerable conversations caring for your psyche and your soma. 

I changed coasts with my partner and tiny chihuahua in early in 2023 and opened this new space to offer San Franciscans my special experience. 

Every Body is Welcome!  


I’m here for the ALCHEMY and HEALING that happens when the presence of two people unlocks something that MAGICALLY makes all the difference.

There is often a relationship that forms with the people who groom us, much like a trusted friend or a therapist.

I take this aspect of the work seriously and have gotten certifications, so I speak to you from a place a knowledge, not just personal experience.

I truly want to have informative, useful conversations with my people. I charge more for sessions because there’s more here for you than just a wax. I have made a difference in people’s lives and I want to keep doing that. 

It’s scary to be vulnerable and it’s worth it! 

Healing isn’t something someone does to you, it’s you working on yourself. On a biological level, on a psychological level, on a social level, on a cosmic & spiritual level.