Pube-styling is my thing! Let’s explore style and co-create some art. Your beauty is your own!

Your most intimate parts can be tended to just as much as hairdressers take time to craft a hairstyle. And advanced esthetics can help more than just the face.

 I want to offer you the opportunity to explore your own taste-making and tend to yourself both inside and out. The more we have options, learn skills and integrate physical experiences, the more alive and joyful our overall experience in our bodies can be. Each time you visit you’ll have a unique multi-step experience with the intention of holding space for more harmony and range in your personal relationship with your sexual-body.

Wherever you may be in your journey of self-expression, I’ll meet you there to talk about body hair and all the ways to care for it.



This signature service is a multi-step individually tailored experience far beyond “a wax” 



    make one selection from below to customize your rite based on where you are on your journey today.

  • Ingrown hair treatment: extractions and a custom mask with extra focus on skin care to clear ingrowns and pigment left behind.
  • Somatic Sex Education: look, talk & learn more about your body. Coaching practices for embodying ALL of your body, having agency (words & skills,) and the presence to experience a wider range of wondrous pleasures available.
  • C-Section/ pelvic scar tissue remediation: Coaching on visual improvement and softening, as well as support for emotions that may be connected to the experience.

Low Maintenance Skin Remedy


Multi step process of advanced exfoliation, extraction, mask & high frequency.

Can be done during times in-between waxing services for skin care concerns. 

Best done around 10 days post wax, it is designed for repair work to help with ingrown hairs or hyperpigmentation prevention. 


Hip to Hip Styling

Specializing in bikini care with steps that make this a luxurious act of self care rather than a chore.

  • Little to None 100

    Clearing as much hair as you want - leaving a little bit or going totally bare on your pubic area and anus. If you leave some hair, this waxing service includes styling/shaping and trimming to desired length. High frequency and calming treatment will be customized for you.

  • Tidy Up 80

    Removing as much hair as you want from the bikini/underwear line, this includes styling - shaping and trimming to desired length. High frequency and calming treatment will be customized for you. Does not include the labia or any of the backside.


    Looking and feeling good is very important so there are some extra areas you might want to address in order to have lasting smoothness further from the bikini area. Desire hair off your thighs, legs, butt cheeks or tummy? If so book whatever else you want to add-on with your style as they aren't included. Purchase the Fur Mask for extended calming to take home and reuse.

  • Butt cheeks 60
  • Between the cheeks 45
  • Inner Thigh 45
  • Belly Trail 25
  • Stomach 60
  • Underarm 45

Low(er area) Maintenance Add-ons

  • Post-wax manual ingrown hair extraction treatment 60

    (20 min reserved)

  • Post wax calming & clearing 60

    mask and high frequency (20 min reserved)


It hurts more the first time you get waxed than any other because you are pulling out 100% of the hair, your nerves are on edge, and you don’t know what to expect. Thankfully, it is a quick, temporary sting that stops hurting right away. Follow the tips below and you’ll be fine. The next time is much easier! After your first wax, the hair grows back finer and more sparse, becomes less prickly between waxings, and retains its smoothness much longer.

We know exactly how first-timers feel! It’s okay to be a little apprehensive. The fact is, waxing has been around for centuries; it’s safe, convenient, and effective. You’ll love the smoothness that comes with waxing instead of shaving.

Good to Know for All

Your comfort and safety are important! 

Please read this & communicate your needs along the way.



Trust your body to do what it needs to do, and let it chill out after your wax.
You’ll have all you need on your skin when you leave. Mostly do very little the day after your wax.


I usually recommend a daily skincare product and twice-a-week exfoliation in the shower. This helps the skin release ingrown hairs and helps discourage microbial imbalances. 

I stock a curated range of products which I am happy to educate you about. If you need to replenish your products you can order through the Fur website or buy other things at your next appointment.


For your convenience, Moss Beauty offers secure online booking. If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, kindly do so online 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to avoid being charged the full fee. If your schedule is unpredictable you can book the day of, when you know you’ll be available.

You must be over 18 years old to book an appointment.

Ready to get the IDEAS flowing?

My little inspo video can help. 

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Want more info and more options? Get the Moss Beauty Lookbook!

The Lookbook is great place to explore for folks who feel like beginners. Use before professional waxing, or when shaving at home. The Lookbook is full of inspiring photos and lady-positive information to boost self confidence and knowledge of female bodies.

I made the first lookbook as a waiting room magazine for inspiration, like back in the days when we used paper magazines full of celebrities to show our stylist an example of what look we wanted for our haircut. Enjoy!

In the works is a Moss Beauty Lookbook for styling on bodies with a penis. Let me know if you’d like to be included as a model, especially if you have a unique style and we’ll schedule time for photography when it’s not red (within a few days afterward.) *I do not pay people to model as these publications cost a lot to make and do not make any profit. It’s art that matters, art for information.

after a wax when you feel like an undercover